Welcome to Physical Activity Pick and Mix

Activities for encouraging engagement and movement between people of all ages.

About this Resource

Generations Working Together and Active Fife have developed Physical Activity Pick and Mix as an activity which can be used to promote intergenerational connections, while getting people moving. By pressing the button on screen an activity is picked at random, from a mix of 30 different activities to stimulate gentle physical activity, connection and fun between people of all ages.

As with any physical activity, please only do what feels safe and comfortable for you. If you are someone who is supporting younger or older people to use this resource please follow your own local guidance around physical activity. If you are using this resource online with someone who is in their own home, please follow your local guidance for connecting with people online.

Pick and Mix bag
Pick Activity

Tap PICK ACTIVITY to have an activity selected at random.

If you like the sound of the activity, give it a go.

If you would prefer not to do that activity, tap PICK AGAIN for a different one.

Sitting on a chair, reach as high as you can with your fingers and as far as you can with your toes.
Pick again