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  • Intergenerational volunteering for older adults

    15 July 2024

    We are excited to share our latest intergenerational handbook which highlights the importance of older adults volunteering in, and leading, intergenerational activities in Scotland.

  • What are the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workforce in Scotland?

    8 July 2024

    Calling all HR Teams or Managers from medium and large private businesses in Scotland. Generations Working Together would like to talk to you about your multi-generational workforce.

  • Connecting generations through Scottish Men’s Sheds

    27 June 2024

    Encouraging activities that connect our generations can bring long-term mutual benefits through building meaningful relationships and opportunities for learning and these types of intergenerational projects - from gardening to woodwork and Duke of Edinburgh awards to work experience - are being explored through our local Men’s Sheds which exist in all 32 local authorities across Scotland.


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